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Back By Popular Request

May 21, 2014

The blog is back.  So many of you feel the need to have another outlet for expression, so this can be it.

A few rules:

1,  Before you post, THINK about what you are saying. Emotions can run high. "Think twice, post once"!

2.  Check facts!  Do you have them???  Rumors are just that--rumors.

3. Pick ONE identity and stick to it!  You don't have to use your real name [though it's welcome], but whichever identity you chose, keep it. If another person has used the identity you wanted, chose another! 

4.  No profanity, vulgarity, or hateful speech will be tolerated! It's going to be removed and that IP will be flagged.

5. Most irritating of all, the famous multiple post.  Once you have posted, you will probably not see your post unless you "refresh" the page. The multiple posts occur when people post and don't see their post immediately and so they post a second time.  This causes unnecessary work for blog editors.

6.  Don't write anything that you wouldn't want your grandmother [God rest her soul] to read,  Keep it civil and not slanderous.

Enjoy and we'll give this another whirl.  Welcome back! 

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